Friday, 3 June 2011

Sergeant Leonard F P Adlam

Through trials to the Stars

In 2009 I began to research the RAF service of a relative by the name of Leonard Frank Percy Adlam and in particular the events surrounding his death.

Sgt Leonard Adlam served in Bomber Command with No. 58 Squadron during the Battle of Britain flying Whitley bombers. He was killed on 21 October 1940 when Whitley T4171 code marked 'GE-O' crashed at Greenhow Moor, Yorkshire. 

During my pursuit for answers I came into contact with several sources that proved immensely helpful to my research. One such source that ought to be mentioned is Brian J. Rapier and his original research into T4171's crash recorded in the now out of print book White Rose Base. Another is Richard Allenby who for a number of years has studied the airfields, crash-sites and aircraft that fell in the Yorkshire countryside. I am also grateful for Helen Langfield-Smith for contacting me with information regarding her Grandfather, Robert Langfield, who was part of T4171's crew when it crashed. But perhaps (for personal reasons) the most significant find of all has been Leonard's daughter, Delphine Hayes, who unexpectedly  contacted me from Long Island, New York, in April 2010 and introduced herself as Leonard Adlam’s daughter. Since our reunion, Delphine has provided me with information and material that I once thought would be improbable to obtain, and for that I am truly thankful and needless to say privileged to have had this opportunity to learn more and write about her father.

My research has been collected in a book called Failed to Return  which is due for release in September 2011 by Fighting High. I believe Sgt Adlam's story is told in chapter 3 - 'Through trials to the Stars'.

Additional details about the book Failed to Return can be found by clicking HERE