Friday, 1 April 2011

The Battle of Britain: Portraits Of The Few

Written by Christopher Yeoman with art by David Pritchard

Hardback - 128pp (16pp mono plates)
275mm x 210mm
World Rights - Fighting High Ltd.
ISBN - 978-0-9562696-4-5
RRP - £21.99
Release Date: May 2011

"The Battle of Britain: Portraits of the Few is an exceptional tribute to the small group of legendary pilots that served with the Royal Air Force through one of the most critical periods of the Second World War. Portraits of the Few contains over 60 colour illustrations, capturing the images and character of the military aviators who were designated the ‘Few’ by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Accompanying the portraits, painted by artist David Pritchard, are action filled accounts written by Second World War aviation author Christopher Yeoman, recounting gripping combats and ferocious encounters as the respective men successfully resist the might of the Luftwaffe.
Indeed the aerial battle fought during the long and glorious summer of 1940 is now viewed as one of the most decisive episodes in all of British history. Each and every day proved consequential, ultimately shaping the island’s future. It was a struggle which will never be forgotten by the wartime population of Great Britain; it will never be forgotten for generations to come. The Battle of Britain: Portraits of the Few celebrates the airmen’s legacy and is a unique tribute to this group of extraordinary men." -  Fighting High

"Christopher Yeoman and David Pritchard present a most entertaining book that will grace any collection and is an absolute 'must' for future and present generations" - Squadron Leader Geoffrey Wellum, DFC.

Comic books

THE PHANTOM: Generations Special 

'Priceless' written by Justin Gray & Christopher Yeoman with art by John Toledo. 

Published by Moonstone JAN 2010.

"In 'Priceless' the 15th Phantom returns to Africa to find the perfect diamond for his betrothed, but what awaits him is far more than a pretty gem!" - Moonstone


'Avro Enders' written by Christopher Yeoman with art by Kelly Ishikawa. 

Ronin Studios'  HOPE: THE HERO INITIATIVE - a 188-page comic book anthology benefiting The Hero Initiative - is available in comic book stores everywhere starting 21 February 2011. Diamond Order Code DEC101038.

"HOPE has 26 short stories and pinups by more than 80 creators from around the world. All have themes focused on heroes and the nature of heroism. The Hero Initiative creates a financial safety net for comic creators who may need emergency medical aid, financial support for essentials of life, and an avenue back into paying work."

"Elegantly told and beautifully rendered, HOPE: THE HERO INITIATIVE is a must have for any collection. Comics done for the right reason." 
- Jimmy Palmiotti