Thursday, 31 March 2011

Fighting High Volume Two


Chapter 2 'A Dream Realised' & Chapter 5 'Bandit Six O'Clock High' by Christopher Yeoman 

Hardback - 128pp - 150gsm paper - 275 x 210mm.
World Rights - Fighting High Ltd.
ISBN - 978-0-9562696-1-4
RRP - £21.99

Reviews - 

"Another richly-illustrated and beautifully presented book. . . Without doubt, this series is developing into a fine collection of books." - and Britain at War magazine

"The book is a marvellously accomplished feat; it is a book I am honoured to receive and shall be proud to own." - Group Captain Byron Duckenfield, AFC

"I thought it was excellent and highly readable." - Flight Lieutenant John Greenwood

Tiger Cub

TIGER CUB: The Story of John Freeborn DFC* by Christopher Yeoman

Hardback 224 pages
ISBN: 9781848840232
Published: 18 June 2009 by Pen & Sword

Tiger Cub Reviews - 

"I've read a lot of books both by and about pilots who fought in the Battle of Britain and I rank Tiger Cub up there with the best of them. Yeoman captures the essence Freeborn the man. Honesty and integrity. In using Freeborn's words he doesn't shy away from the colourful language and controvertial opinions so you get to live through Freeborn's war. And what a war. From the tragedy of Barking Creek to Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain Freeborn, was at the centre of many things. Undoubtedly a Spifire ace with some 13 kills to his name, he flew more operational hours in the Battle of Britain than any other pilot. Freeborn is the real deal. This book comes highly recommended." customer

"An excellent read about a true hero. The story was both moving and exciting! The writing put me right in the seat of a Spitfire during the Battle of Britain." -WHSmith customer
"The story of John Freeborn is an amazing one! I will always be grateful to men like him who were willing to sacrifice everything, even unborn people like me. After having read this book it has sparked quite a keen interest in WWII & the Battle of Britain, which I have been exploring since, yet this is the best I have read so far. The book is so well written by the author Chris Yeoman, I understand that he had quite a close personal relationship with John Freeborn too, which for me brings the book to life even more. I would recommend it to anyone." -Tiger Cub's Facebook page 
"What an incredible story about a young fighter pilot during the Battle of Britain. John Freeborn was an amazing young man and Chris Yeoman made me feel like I now know him personally. Those boys in the RAF were unbelievable - true heroes. Having lived through WWll in England, it brought back so many memories. They were tough times but it has always made me so proud to be a Brit." -D.Hayes

"If you only read one book on a Battle of Britain pilot; this is it! I couldnt put it down!" -Rabbit Sqn customer
"Tiger Cub is truely an amazing account of WWII's 74 Squadron from one of its most amazingly brave fighter pilots, Mr. John Freeborn. A truely remarkable man. An incredible book to be treasured and passed down to future generations." -T.Powell 

"Tiger Cub is one of the best books that I have ever read. If you want to know what it was like flying a Spitfire in the Battle of Britain, then this is the book for you! I found it thrilling, exiting and at times very funny all the more because it is a true story about a real person, I hope that they make a flim of it." customer

"The book is well written and the pages simply fly by. I would recommend Tiger Cub to anyone who wishes to revisit an era when morality was reduced to black and white, and young men met the challenge to stand in defense of civilization against the totalitarian Nazis. The humor and comraderie comes through, and next to a talk with John, this book allows us to revisit "The Few," and the early years of 74 Squadron." -LL (USA)

"A well written and heart stopping account of flying action in those desperate days. The best I have read." - customer